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We are fully equipped to help you get better faster with a program built around you and your needs. Let us take care of you using the latest technologies, such as ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation, decompression traction for the cervical and lumbar regions, TENS treatment, biofeedback, cold laser and infrared therapy, and health club type exercise equipment. We also are proud to use ancient technology as well in maximizing your recovery from injury - our hands. We are highly skilled in manual therapy, or better known as "hands-on" therapy in the form of myofascial release, trigger point massage, therapeutic massage, spinal mobilization, peripheral joint stretching and mobilization, spinal manipulation, and specific individualized exercise instruction. These techniques are directed towards the "cause" of your pain or discomfort, the muscles, joint, nerves, and ligaments of your body, in order to facilitate quicker recovery from injury. Additionally, Dr. Janke is whole body certified in the application of Active Release Techniques (ART), which is a clinically proven manual treatment for soft tissue injuries arising from primarily athletic injuries. Your health and well-being are taken seriously at this office. You will be evaluated and an appropriate plan of care will be formulated, explained, and discussed with you. Your care will be provided ONLY by the doctor or his assistant at all times. You will not experience a revolving door of providers, thus your treatment is always consistent and caring. For your comfort and convenience, we offer private treatment rooms, home exercise handouts, and early morning to late evening appointments. We are open Monday through Friday, with Saturdays available for post-operative patients. Also enjoy our expert and efficient handling of your insurance claim, legal paperwork, and our communication and coordination of your care with your referring medical physician.